Your local place for

one-on-one assisted stretch

Are you ready to say goodbye to strains, pains, poor posture,

and limited range of motion? 

Stretching that Works

We take a collaborative approach to flexibility training that increases your range of motion while reducing muscle tension., leading to better physical well-being.

Experienced Guides

We're highly knowledgeable in both physical health and all-things stretch to help you achieve deeper stretches and improved mobility than what's possible on your own!

Tailored to YOU

We target specific muscle groups, ensuring you get the most out of each stretch, reducing your chronic discomfort and musculoskeletal issues.

5-Star Reviews!

Sharifa is magical! I’ve been getting medical massages and chiro adjustments but the results from just one preliminary targeted stretch with her provided almost instantaneous relief. In fact, it’s now been several hours since my stretch and I still feel so much more relief than Ive experienced in months!

-- M. Wilson

"She is very knowledgeable and knew right away that I sit all day and went right to work on those tight areas. She is such a pro, and gave me tips on what stretches to do on my own. The facility is clean and so relaxing! She informed me of the options without the high pressure sales pitch, and I love that there are no contracts and I can buy a package with no expiration. I will definitely be back!"

-- M. Perkins

"After only 2 weeks of stretching with Just Stretch It my mobility has improved and my chronic lower back pain is reduced. After playing golf 3 days in a row I was less sore and stiff than usual. Working with Sharifa has been very beneficial already"

-- G. Cashen

3535 Firewheel Dr.

Suite 107. Enter through suite A. (Marked at the top) once you are through that door there is a waiting area with a white couch to your right. There are bathrooms if you keep walking past the couch.